Africa Magic Rebrand

Africa’s real splendor lies in its diversity – both in its people and in its nature.  This dynamic concept focuses on the sum of its parts, combining a unified whole: each unique in its own right while forming a great union.This is executed over a number of individual elements with meaning drawn from the African culture, which gives each channel a wholly unique feel whilst still having the strong logo binding it together throughout.

Heart beat of Africa

The re-brand is aimed to celebrate Africa in its diversity, culture, people, nature and landscape in modern aesthetics.  The Facelift on the Mother brand logo and Channel Imaging is to ensure that Africa Magic is seen as a fresh, rejuvenated, vibrant, young and urban brand by our viewers. The new pay-off line is reflective of Africa Magic’s strategy, to not only bring viewers the best of local programming available across Africa, but also to be able to bring them all the content that interests them, irrespective on the continent of its origin. Entertainment Loved by Africa.



The Corporate logo 

The new logo is born as a result of thoughtful craft, based on the Africa Magic initials A and M. The logo is the main centrepiece and an essential ingredient of the Africa Magic brand. The shape of the AM” has been carefully and geometrically constructed in order to ensure the logo is both well proportioned and carefully balanced.

Channel Logos




AM Sans is a bespoke typeface and an essential component of the Africa Magic Brand.  It has been created to enable clear communication across all media, especially on screens of all types. AM Sans comes in two weights.


Colour Palette 

Rich and vibrant colours  are carefully selected for the Africa magic rebrand, to echo the fresh, rejuvenated, vibrant, young and urban brand Africa Magic stands for.

Brand System

African Magic Showcase 

African Magic Epic

African Magic Urban

African Magic Family

African Magic World 

African Magic Yoruba

African Magic Hausa

African Magic Egbo


Gener Bumper


Brand guidelines

To ensure consistent through out the Africa Magic channels, we produced a comprehensive guideline on each element application, such as logo, colour, and the visual language.

Research and Inspiration


Director: Duah Francis Boafo.

Executive Producer: Delarey Hattingh.

Senior Producer: Shaniel Mjekevu.

Executive Creative Director: Nicci Hattingh.

Creative Director: Duah Francis Boafo.

Art Direction and Design: Duah Francis Boafo.

Additional Design: Inge Binder.

3D Animators: Victor Hugo, Gavin Jeoffreys, Pascal Martin, Duah francis Boafo,

Jessica Quilliam, Neo Morulane,  Kymsfiala.

2D Animation: Neo Morulane

Compositors: Victor Hugo, Jessica Quilliam, Pascal Martin, Neo Morulane.

Colour and Grade: Duah francis Boafo

Editor: Carla Pels-Bekker

Music: Jake Odendaal